Common Questions for Tenants

What do I do in an emergency if the office is closed
Please refer to your emergency plan which you can locate in your Welcome file.
What if I cannot be home for Repairs
Composure Property Management have this covered, the contractor will contact you for authorisation to enter the premises with the office keys, all contractors are credited and trusted.
Can I use my own carpet cleaner on vacate
We recommend a professional carpet cleaner to ensure quality cleaning in anticipation of a bond refund for you a DYI carpet cleaner is not acceptable.
What if I lock myself out of the property
We recommend you have a spare key if not please call a locksmith to let you in at your cost as you would for your own home, please do not attempt to break  into the property.
What do I need to do if I am going to vacate at the end of my lease
If you are on a periodic lease you are required to give a minimum of 21 days notice in writing, if you are on a fixed term lease contract you are required to give a minimum of 30 days notice in writing prior to your end of contract date this can be via email. Please note you will receive a vacate pack that will guide you through the process and your Property Manager will be in contact with you to arrange viewing days and times to show the property to have it released.
Can we put a temporary pool up for summer
Unfortunately, even kiddie pools with a depth of 30cm and more are required to meet Council approval, please contact the council to see if your pool has any requirements. Please note written confirmation from the owner is required for any alterations to the property. If a pool over the depth of 30cm is found to be erected without approval from both city council and the owner you will be asked to remove it immediately.
What if we find pests at the property
It is the responsibility of the tenants to keep pests under control and keep the property clean and free from pests and vermin. It is recommended that you purchase treatments from your local supermarket to keep the pests under control as if you would in your own home. Please report  to your Property Manager any infestations or increase in activity after products are used.
What happens if I have someone that would like to move in with me
You are required to have the person fill in an application and have it approved by the owner before they move in, please note an owner is not obligated to accept any other applications for the property.
What if I cannot continue with my lease until the end of the contract
You will be in break lease, this can be costly so please consult with your Property Manager if you feel this is what you need to do. The owner has the right to claim for any loss due to your break lease including rent until the end of your contract or until a new tenant is sought, advertising and break lease costs.
What if we have damaged the property

Please contact your Property Manager, accidents can happen but you will be responsible for any damage caused by yourselves or guests entering the property under your lease. Please do not attempt to rectify the issue yourself as this can result in further costs. If the property is damaged through environmental threats or a break in please contact your Property Manager immediately.

What do I need to do if I want to get a pet

Please contact your Property Manager, confirmation will need to be sought from the owner. Your Property Manager will need the age and breed of the pet you are considering. The owner is under no obligation to accept a request, there are restricted breeds of dogs that will not be accepted. If confirmed a pet bond of $260 will need to be paid, this is for the approved pet only. Any damage caused by a pet will need to be rectified at the tenants cost. Yard is to be cleaned free from faeces, a flea treatment is required on vacate at a tenants cost.

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