Tenancy Emergency Plan

Your Property Manager is available during working business hours 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday for any concerns. For Public Holidays, weekends and after hours, there may be times when you are faced with an emergency situation and you will need to act to ensure there is minimal loss and or damage.

Please note the easiest way to explain what is an emergency is if your safety and wellbeing is at risk or the security of the property. In an emergency outside of office hours you can try to contact the Property Manager by text  0476 419 068  or via the contact page, please understand a Property Manager is not on duty after hours and is not required to respond but if by chance they are working they will be more than happy to help you in any emergency situation.

Please use the information below as a guide to help you through if any emergency events that may happen, preferred contractors are on standby ready to advise and help you through the event.

Break in & Damage to Glass

  • Contact police 13 444 to report the incident if attempted break in, they will give you a report number this is to be included in you report to your Property Manager. If possible take photos of the damage.
  • Call a glazier to secure the property, instruct invoice to be sent to Composure Property Management, if not accidently damage without a police report the tenant is responsible for the cost of the invoice.
  • Call a locksmith if required to secure the property or you feel your safety is at risk, instruct the invoice to be sent to Composure Property Management.
  • If the damage to the glass or security of the property is compromised due to personal issues or as a result from yourself or guests the payment of the invoice must be made by yourself.
  • Please contact your Property Manager at your earliest convenience and call the next working business day, please remember without a police report number the cost may be invoiced to yourself if the owner is unable to make a claim on insurance.

Gas Leak or No Gas

  •  If at risk turn the gas off to the property.
  • Contact Alinta gas on 13 13 58
  • Contact the gas plumber, instruct the invoice to be sent to Composure Property Management.

No Power

  • Check the metre box to ensure the RCD has not tripped.
  • If he RCD is tripped please unplug all items in the property, reset the RCD and plug each item back in one at a time to isolate the faulty item.
  • If the RCD will not reset contact the electrician
  • If the RCD has not tripped contact Synergy 13 13 53

Burst Water Pipe or Water Leak

  • Turn the water off at the mains, you will find the location in the front of your Welcome Folder.
  • If the water leak is at the water metre please contact the water corporation
  • Please contact a plumber
  • Please take photos if there is going to be possible damage
  • If water leak is inside the property please ensure you dry up the water to prevent further damage.
  • If there is water damage to carpets call a carpet cleaning to extract the water and dry the carpet.

Lost / Stolen or Keys Locked Inside

  • If keys are locked inside during business hours, please contact the office to see if they can help you, there maybe a small travelling fee involved.
  • If keys are lost or stolen and you feel your security is at risk , during business hours please contact your Property Manager, if after hours contact a locksmith if keys are lost or stolen the tenant will be responsible for the payment of the invoice, it may be claimable on your personal insurance.

Severe Damage/ Fire or Impact to the Building by Vehicle

Please act immediately to this emergency, always try to contact your Property Manager, please send a SMS 0476 419 068.

  • Contact an ambulance if anyone is injured 000.
  • Contact fire brigade 000 if required.
  • Contact police and obtain a police report if required 131 444.
  • Contact SES ( State emergency Service) on 1300 130 039 if required.
  • If there are burst water pipes follow the instructions above.
  • If there is electrical danger turns the mains off in the metre box and contact the electrician.
  • If there is water damage to carpets and further damage can be prevented call a carpet cleaner to extract the water.
  • If there is structural damage DO NOT STAY IN THE PROPERTY.
  • Continue to attempt to contact your Property Manager and take photos of damage if possible.

Storm Damage

  • As for impact to the building please follow above directions, this is an emergency situation, please contact your Property Manager.
  • If fence is damaged secure any pets, this is not an emergency.
  • Take photos of the damage.
  • If safe to do so contact your neighbour an obtain their contact information.
  • Email and call your Property Manager the following business working day to report the damage.

The following situations are not considered emergency items and may be able to wait until the following working business day, unless it is a risk to any medical requirements for tenants.

  • Blocked toilet – when there is more than one is at the premises and it is not a health risk, waste is not protruding through any drains.
  • Stove/Oven not working
  • Dripping taps, shower or toilet
  • Air Con not working
  • Hot water system going hot & cold or not hot enough
  • Trouble with reticulation
  • Sighting of vermin or pests, with the exception of a wasp or beehive if any tenants are anaphylactic or they’re at risk of an emergency situation if stung. If no reaction please report to your property and the owner will have this attended to at the earliest convenience.

Please note if you authorise any repairs that are NOT classed as an emergency, the owner is not obliged to pay for expenses incurred.


Outside of Business Working Hours –


All Type Roofing Repairs –MB 0412 909 498 – PH 9419 5383

Stride Property Maintenance – 6365 0416 – MB 0488 867 349, 0488 892 783

Plumbing & Gas

Austar Plumbing and gas – MB 0498 982 723, 0401 545 471, 0418 932 650

Lads Plumbing – 0412 441 930

Davis plumbing – 0421 155 731

Locks & Keys

Prestige Lock Service – 9524 5983

Master Lock Service – 0400 040 838

Carpet Cleaning

Coast West Cleaning Carpets – 0412 566 890

Gary Wilkes Carpet Cleaning – 0479 010 355

Glass Repairs

Port Kennedy Glass – 0447 800 060

Gregs Glass – 9527 8195

Jay’s Glass – 9524 6780, MB 0409 972 023


Keystone electrical – 0447 788 299

Non Stop electrical – 0437 910 270

APW electrics – MB 0421 482 284 PH – 9527 1695

Garage door

If security is at risk

Coastal garage door – 0415 242 181