Common Questions for Owners

Do I have to have a Property Condition Report
YES – this is compulsory and is required at the beginning of a tenancy which sets a standard for the end of the tenancy. Composure Property Management has this covered for you ensuring all property details and particulars along with photos are described in detail.

What if I need financial statements for my property
No problem the online portals are accessible 24/7 for you to download at any time required.

Will you increase the rent during the tenants contract
We will carry out a rental market analysis and with consultation from yourself we can decide if/when and how much a rent review can be increased or decreased every 6 months.

What if I want to Sell My Property
No problem Composure Property Management will help guide you with this situation. Composure Property Management are also trained in Sales and you will find are better at working with your tenant as they already have a relationship with them and know the property. If a tenant has a fixed term contract and the property is sold the tenant will remain with the property until the end of the contract, if the tenant is on a periodic lease you can give the tenant 30 days notice with 6 days postage to vacate when the sale has taken place for vacant possession on settlement.

What if I don’t have time to clean, garden etc before I give Composure Property Management the property to find a tenant
No problem here at Composure we understand that some owners may be in this position so we have this covered for you there is not much Composure Property Management cannot organise on your behalf, its best to discuss your needs at sign up.

Do I have to have Insurance
YES- for best practise to protect yourself and your property we encourage all properties have not only building insurance but also a small portion of contents insurance and landlords insurance. Accidents happen and even some good tenants can endure bad times.

What if the tenant doesn’t pay rent
Composure Property Managers follow up with rental payments due every working day (no exceptions) We will work with you and the tenant through hardship if required. There are procedures in place to minimise loss.

What if I’m Not Contactable for Repairs
This is why at Composure we have a rapid responsive team that are not only trained but are constantly screening contractors for the best reliable and value for money service. We will agree on an amount of expenditure in case of not being contactable. All urgent repairs must be actioned within 24 hours that is required for essential services (including gas, electricity, water, hot water, waste and refrigerator if supplied with the premises) or 48 hours for all other urgent repairs to be carried out as soon as possible. Your Property Manager will help guide you on this.

How do my invoices get paid for water, repairs etc
All invoices are paid from the rent funds, even if a reimbursement is warranted from the tenant invoices will always be paid first, we do not want debt over your property. The cost of water usage is invoiced to tenants which are given 14 days to pay.

What happens if things turn bad with the tenants
Your Property Manager is trained to deal with most circumstances and will advise you every step of the way, the important thing to remember is there is a process that needs to be followed whether we agree to it or not it must be followed to reduce your losses. An owner can seek compensation from the courts and you do not have to attend your Property Manager can attend on your behalf if we feel it is a claimable cost. You may be able to claim losses on your Landlords Insurance, again your Property Manager can lodge a claim on your behalf.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of gardens / lawns and reticulation
The tenant is generally responsible for the day to day maintenance which is watering, light pruning and weeding. Tenants are encouraged to apply fertiliser and maintain the condition, but for unknown reasons the soil can experience a change in balance or through nature plants can die or the lawn can become patchy. Although we do what we can to maintain the condition it may need the guidance of a professional and the tenant may not be of fault in which is not a tenant cost. Mulch is degradable and not a claimable item from a tenant although recommended for gardens to help with plant health. Pruning at heights or of larger branches and bore works are a cost of the owner.

Who is responsible for a water leak
Tenants are asked to report maintenance as soon as possible and are requested at sign up in the case of a water leak to immediately turn the water supply off to the property if it causing damage or wasting large amounts of water. A large water leak reimbursement may be claimed through the Water Corporation, your Property Manager will guide you on this. A tenant may not be liable for any excess water used as a cause of a leak.

How do I make a claim for damages from a tenant
Your Property Manager will guide you with any claimable reimbursement for damages from a tenant, at times it will simply be replacement other times it may be in negotiation on a depreciation scale. Sometimes there is a loss but at Composure Property Management we will endeavour to keep this to a minimal.

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